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The Centro Studi Professionali offers a multimedia classroom with an interactive whiteboard. It has twelve individual workstations connected to the internet network.

 The Language and computer training courses for adults started in 2006. The courses are organized to run from October to May.

The different levels range from the basic beginner to the most advanced, including the very popular cycles of conversations with mother tongue linguists, which also saw the participation of foreign language teachers and professionals looking to improve the mastery of the language.

The guiding philosophy is simple: the price of the course is inversely proportional to the number of participants. In this way courses can be activated for individuals and for small groups, where the learners respect as much as possible the homogeneity of groups.

To enable those persons interested in finding out more about the characteristics of the courses and their starting level, once a year an "open week is organized and free testing is available by appointment.


With the contributions of experts in the legal, fiscal and financial areas, a series of meetings have been organized on different topics to help and protect the consumer in everyday life.


From January 2013 will be proposed: 

"Communication course, how to communicate effectively"

 In April will kick off "Spring-language 2013", which involves cycles of conversations at the advanced level (English) and intermediate / advanced (English and French). Inscriptions at least 5 days before the beginning of each cycle (see registration form to be completed and returned).

All courses can be held either in our studio or in their own companies, schools and public entities. 

For more information

complete the pre-registration form for courses

and send it no obligation to

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or by fax  0522 1840497

There are no translations available.

Attualmente sono disponibili i seguenti corsi: 

Inglese Intermedio/Conversazione

Inglese Principianti  

Tedesco B1/B2 per il lavoro

Tedesco Principianti Assoluti 

Francese Intermedio

Francese Principianti Assoluti

Russo A1 (dopo 20 ore di corso o Principianti Assoluti)

Durata dei corsi: modulo da 10 incontri rinnovabile fino a tre moduli

nell'arco dell'anno didattico (da ottobre a giugno).

Possibilità di lezioni individuali, su richiesta.

Prezzi inversamente proporzionali al numero dei partecipanti a partire da € 10,00/h

Tipologie di corsi differenti, possono essere tenuti a richiesta in ogni ora della giornata.

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