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The firm follows the companies from the sole proprietorship to the SPA.

Customers can count on competent people who support them throughout the accounting process up to the preparation of the financial statements and who, at the same time, provide them with useful information on the business trend, on the critical factors to be corrected, on the tax concessions advising the best choices to be work towards optimal tax planning.
Customers who manage the accounting internally are provided with specific advice and assistance, guaranteeing continuous updating and supervision by professionals with proven experience.

Qualified professionals represent customers in relations with the tax authorities, whether it is self-protection or tax litigation; the customer can always count on an authoritative voice able to assert their reasons.

As CAF, the firm is also authorized to provide assistance for employees, both individually and in agreement with the employer, for the compilation of the tax return mod. 730.




The Firm offers a professional accounting and tax consultancy service, functional to the multiple needs of a freelancer.

The study follows the relationships with the professional pension funds: Enpam, Cassa Forense, Inarcassa, Italian Pension Fund and Surveyors Assistance etc.




  • Asset Protection and Planning

  • Management of real estate leases

  • Tax Returns (Form 730, Single Individuals)

  • Declarations of Succession

  • Digital signature and PEC (Certified Electronic Mail)

  • Telematic assistance for customers through trusted consultants

  • Survey and Cadastral Drawings

  • Survey of Real Estate Conservatory

  • CAF enabled center

The firm assists individuals and families in solving tax problems connected with the protection of family assets, the sale and acquisition of shareholdings and tax planning.

The Firm assists, draws up and electronically submits the Client's tax returns with an accurate control of the annual expenses and income received.

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