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Lavagna con lingue diverse


The training activity, which began in 2006, took the form of language and IT courses for adults organized in modules that cover the time span from October to May.


The Centro Studi Professionali, having a multimedia room with an interactive whiteboard with various individual workstations connected to the network, is able to optimize teaching in the best possible way.


Levels range from basic to more advanced. Conversation cycles with native speakers are very popular and have also seen the participation of foreign language teachers and professionals intent on improving their command of the language.

Course prices are inversely proportional to the number of participants. We organize individual and group courses from a number of 2 to a maximum of 6 respecting as much as possible the homogeneity of levels and schedules.

To allow those interested to know both the characteristics of the courses and their starting level, an " open week " is organized annually and free tests are offered by appointment.


The entire range of courses can be held, as well as in the institutional headquarters of the Center, at companies, schools or public bodies that request it.

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